Thursday, December 4, 2008

Chapter 9

Now getting back to my little merry life. I got done with my finals ( lets not talk about it , I might end up taking anti-depressant injections when i think about it)! So to cheer myself up, my friend asked me to join him and his friends to a club. Now in 3 1/2 months , this was the first time I was certain to go to a club in boston. Last time when I tried , we ended up going so late that we stood in the line for 1 hour just to bear the brunt of winter building up.
Back in mumbai i went to 3 1/2 clubs in my 21 yrs of life there. ( the 1/2 coz we entered , tried sighting inside, realized it was a sausage fest , brought ourselves a drink and then left).

So here I started my journey for another night,
without any foresight
or any idea as to how would it be
what is it going to bring out of me !

We went to this club which plays retro music. Now when my sister saw me dance the first time , she knew then and there our family had a male winner . Over the years my friend srini introduced me to some old moves and so i was excited to go to this club , to unleash my new moves for old songs. Before we entered, we started the usual binge drinking. By the time we entered i felt like i was hritik already.
I was forced to leave my card as tab as they had a minimum amount to be deducted from the card when u swipe the card once ( bars, they know how to persuade people into drinking and then milk them later).

This was really not a good idea!

Every tom, lee and santosh knows that if you drink too much of beer, you have to spend time with the restroom. It was good in a way, during this time i had a very strange conversation with a pretty girl.

girl- is this the line for the restroom?
me- yes it is . I see no other reason to stand in this part, at a corner of the club and wait with legs crossed.

Strangely, this wasn't the end of the conversation. It continued further until it was my turn to relieve myself of the pressure.But during this time she was asking me about the mishaps in mumbai and the whole india pakistan situation. It got me all excited to talk about. So i waited with a new drink on myself till her turn was done. And then we began to speak.
Later as the conversation grew on, i realised she was without a drink

During this moment i went into flashback . I have been practicing the american anthem in a bar 'So can i buy you a drink' in front of the mirror. I thought of myself standing in front of a mirror and then thought to myself, this was it! the time had come to put what i have spent 3 months practicing into action

me- so can i buy you a drink?
girl - uh huh, no i am good thanks
me- why not ?
girl- oh i am not comfortable with the idea? and so i dont let people buy me one

then i go into silence for 30 seconds and i do something astonishing

me- alright then....
girl- alright what?
me- then why dont you buy me a drink?
girl - (laughs) no way
me- why not ?
girl - (looks at my glass) you still have a long way to go till you finish that
me-(chugs down and then points) how about now ?

No she dint buy me the drink..
But what completed that night was instead of storing my number, she stored my blog address. oh well atleast i had a name to stalk on and add in orkut. But i would never forget this day, the day when i asked a girl to buy me a drink (without practicing)