Sunday, August 31, 2008

Chapter 1

It really sucks to start over afresh in a new place to be frank . Back in mumbai , life was getting much smoother. Its funny , when you are done with something old and you are moving to something new , the old stuff seemed like being close to complete . Everything was perfect... mom's food ,friend's alcohol ( not much ( room-mates promise!)), long drives , thoughts of going to clubs, finally easily getting the perfect girl for a date (took me life experience of 21 years to learn that) etc and then THADAAAK I get my departure ticket smacked right on my face.
And here I am in boston. Costly frozen food, hardly any friends , cheap corona(pros), no car to drive ( only T line and Bus) and girls (cons)? HAHAHA. That kinda summed it up for me , did it not ? To make matters worse , the first thing I did as soon as I landed in boston was search numbers of employers & send in my resume to get an interview for a decent paying job rather than going to pubs and night clubs to get some girls telephone number.
To make it worse ,I heared stories of all my friends in other cities saying ' we had a party and we invited some girls over'.I am sure they were having a blast I would be lying if I said , I was indifferent. To be honest ? I felt miserable and was frustrated! .
No job was clicking ,
no girls were looking ,
food was always eaten freezing,
and my room rent for different reasons was day by day increasing !


Nags said...

huh? where is Me? :O :O

Absolutely Normal Chaos said...

Like the little poem at the end :) and don't worry mallu, you'll get a firang date soon enough! Just like you want :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

fantastic post!!

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