Monday, September 1, 2008

Chapter 2

So then the story continues. I spent the first few days in my uncles house ,1 hour away from boston . I felt good somehow . Why ? Maybe because I had unlimited access to food and drinks . However the various essence required in a student's life was missing. Socializing with the same age group ( for me preferably opposite sex with age no bar).
On the first weekend , I decided to go meet my new roomate, an Indian born but residing in the US for 17 years now. I was excited , He was too , but out of no option .Back itself in India , I wanted to stay with an american. The reason being , I loved their lifstyle as depicted in movies such as American pie . However little did I realize that the life here would be similar to Harold and Kumar ( without the drugs ofcourse).

I shifted to my new apartment the following week along with him . The days were pretty much the same . Wake up , search for employment online( part -time job) , mail resumes for ever posting available , try and get them on the phone in the evening to check if posting was still available ( sister's idea) and wait till the next morning. As this went on , there was one thing confusing me , which courses to choose for my MS.

When I was ready to start my new Graduate life , I had a vision of trying my hand at Bio-electronics. I had a fanciful idea to make a portable device to diagnoize HIV ( curse for mankind , restricts random sex )and many other diseases without the cliche blood tests run in laboratory. What do I mean ? Yes a device which scans through the crowd and beeps red when it detects someone with the disease I am looking for. But then when I reached here ,I snapped back to reality . Its not that its impossible , but since its a specialized field , I would have to do my PhD.

When I was a kid , just for fun, to see what aspect of physics I was interested in , My uncle brought me a 'assemble your own electronic project kit' . He wanted to see if i was interested in hardware or in computers .
I never touched it.
However one day , I sold it to my friend as he desperately needed it, for a good profit( he must be pretty pissed on reading this). Thats when he knew , I was made for management.

And so after careful thought ( nightmares in the night) I decided to choose my courses as the last thing one would want is finish your MS and not get a job. Its worse than your girl running away on the wedding day. Because then I would be the epitome of practical joke played by destiny.

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Absolutely Normal Chaos said...

I like I like. Especially the idea of the HIV scanner. Smart, but can contribute to discrimination against HIV+ people if misused! (Oh my god, am I actually talking serious stuff on your blog? :P)

And man, what courses have you chosen finally?