Monday, September 15, 2008

Chapter 4

Finally, the time had come. It was time for the long weekend. I have always been amazed wondering as to why do people here get so excited about 'long weekends'. People wait to buy all the stuff they need for months together on the longweekend , as there are special deals on that specific weekend. It beats me and always will. I used to think that everything has a price to pay for, especially when you are desperate for it. And then when I heard about the epic 'thanks giving ' sales story, I stopped bothering.

So it was a tuesday, the one waiting for the the labour day weekend and I had lost all hopes for an on-campus job. I started planning my schedule to take 4 courses ( BU has a very strange fees structure. If I take 3 courses, I pay a certain X amount and if I take 4 courses in that sem , I still pay that X amount. So If I have no income the best I could do was try to save my expenses). I couldnt decide on 2 and now I was planning to take 4. My favorite selection method has always been 'In pin safety pin' and "Inky pink ponky'.

I was out shopping for files ( I miss those cheap stationary stores in India) at staples, when all of a sudden I got a call. The caller said that there is a technical assistant position available and wanted to know when I could come and meet him and discuss about the position. First,I thought it was the routine call where I end up appropriately dressed, just to lose that job. However, , I just couldnt place this job in my head as I had no idea which application this was. Dont blame me , I applied to around 21 on campus jobs in 2 weeks. I was honest and I told him, "Sir, I really cannot remember who you are and what this job is about as I have applied to many other job opportunities". And then he said something that got me stunned for a second! He said "this is not posted as an on-campus job,so when can we talk more about this?".

At that very moment, I felt that god truly existed (I am a god-fearing guy).I have been running around and behind jobs for almost 3 weeks and then suddenly, I get a call without even applying for one. First I was wondering if people recogonized me as ' The guy who dresses up to get a job' and knew that if they couldnt find someone suitable for a job, I was still in the hunt. I really dint care , that evening I was excited . Was it time to get my first on-campus job? Big or small, a job is a job and a salary is a salary( framed from the words of Simon , a bar manager I met in singapore. He said ' Young or old , a wh*** is a wh****. I call it Simons First Law.)


Absolutely Normal Chaos said...

I like the - Young or old, a ho is a ho - bit :)

I think your next post should be on the damn taxes that reduced your salary by a huge 12%! :P

And to think I'm going to meet the same fate. Sigh.

Kl2ish said...

i am running late on schedule by like 3 weeks lol. indian train !

Beryl said...

I hope u had some good luck with that job offer
In any case all the best!