Saturday, September 6, 2008

Chapter 3

In the second week,I finally got few job responses. It was a strange feeling. I had never tried for employment before this. I used to introduce myself to girls as an unemployed youth( Some thought I was really funny, I was just being honest). Even during my under-graduation placement fair, I did not sit any placements. Maybe because I was sure that I wanted to continue studies in the land of opportunities( good choice hopefully). I just sat one placement , that too on being forced by my mom . She felt that I would gain some experience ( the only experience I try to hunt for at this age is the art of understanding women and making money in a casino). I sat for the placement paper test , and I did not even clear it ! Well it was a mock CAT placement. If I could crack that , I would have been sitting in IIM-A and not in Boston writing a blog. ( NOTE : all those who did pass the mock test (placement paper), hardly made it to the IIMs) .

Now on the day of my interview, I was dressed to to get that (part-time)job. The whole morning I was telling myself infront of the mirror that 'I was the man for the job'. And then during the interview , it was a different story .I met my interviewer in a strange manner . He was a nice guy , I met him first outside the toilet ( I was tensed) and then later we met formally in his cabin. I spent all the time trying to convince him, I can do the job. I was telling him about my research interests, my past experience and my future plans. Whether he was convinced or not, it did open a road for me . He said he would refer me to someone soon. My hopes were shattered . I knew I couldnt wear that same shirt in the same building for that week again :(

Rejection has always played a big part in my life . Girls constituted the highest percentage of the total number. Second has been getting what I really want in the first attempt ( besides girls ofcourse). I always hated rejection in school , but then slowly when u grow up you realize ' Whatever happens , happens for good ; or atleast you make situations sound that your a winner second time . My uncle was right in saying , either you are on the top or your at the bottom and at both the places , u are lonely.
At the moment , I was at the bottom. And he was damn right . I was lonely as hell.

The days passed on with some more job interviews , some asking for my schedule and rest saying they would call me up if my resume gets selected. If there is something in boston , I would not crib about , it would be my apartment. It is on one of the most noisiest street. I had an option to choose 2 rooms . One was facing the alley and one was facing a house which had 3 girls sharing a house in the first floor. I chose my room that very moment( no prizes for guessing which). Little did I realize, they would shift out of there on the much awaited 'September First' moving day.


LollyPop said...

haha,that was really funny.

I used to follow "Me,boy"s blog very much,but how come u moved into her blogspot.I think now that she is happily married,she has quit blogging.

LollyPop said...

I live in boston btw,currently me on a h4 i dont work :-(

Tifossi said...

hey i read all the chapters.. some parts were damn hilarious and as Ive applied for an MS this time I really do enjoy these posts and some might prove helpful.. waitin for the next chapter it out fast..