Friday, September 26, 2008

Chapter 5

We always have a feeling of 'feeling incomplete' on certain days . I could explain this with a very small example( my brain works like a 17 yr old). Suppose you see someone of the opposite sex, and you really like that person. You wish to get to know that person, get more friendly, get close and then, etc., etc. ( you know ). After that suddenly one day , you really dont care much and you move on to next target.This is how I have been mostly all my life. I knew i was getting the job, so no point to continue searching vigorously as before( its a bad habit in a way).

How? Simple , I signed the work contract then and there. The feeling was unique. It was a building block to initate my bank account( in dollar). I felt like a man, a grown up man.Little did i know , the tax would kill me.

During this time, I forgot to talk about my third apartment mate. You need people like this, joyful, cheerful, loves to get drunk. As soon as he entered out apartment, he came all the way to my room. Not to greet me, but to see if i was taller than him.
He was dissapointed that whole night.

He has been used to staying in a hostel back in India ( SITUATORY WARNING: The experience in some hostels can be very dirty and very scary). I knew what was coming, the feeling of living in unhygenic condition. And he did not dissapoint me even one bit. But I was ready, if this is a battle, I was ready to go at war!

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