Monday, November 24, 2008

Chapter 6

So now, I started working. I felt like one of those typically middle class guy ( sorry for this usage, but i guess i am a middle class). Rush on time for work, skip food for work. Eventually after week, i got my first pay check.I was all excited, after all it was my first one. The last time i ever earned money was in a college tournament for gaming where i won just a triple figure . but here it was a four figure sum in a week. When i opened it up, I shouted in pain!

why ? my eyes went direct to tax cut. They cut 15 % of taxes from a student. I think i suffered a cardiac arrest for a moment when i saw that. I took out my calculator and start calculating the final figure I would get every month. After some careful subtractions, I saw that i needed to remake my budget again.

That night was tough, the budget list went some thing like this:-

rent - same.

food - cut down on extra unwanted food.


clothes- one underwear a month.

bar- hopefully girls buy me a drink.

girls- ill have to sell myself to make money for this.

extra luxuries - banana a day, on weekends kiwi fruit.

I was shocked to see i was actually living HAND TO HOUSE!

after all this , i saw that i should have a saved a whooping 5$ 55 cents in a month. I calculated, I would be a million-nair in 15 thousand and 15 years exact.


I went into depression the next 3 days. i went late to work. i spent time looking at birds outside flying in freedom, not worrying about money . Now most of you guys would be wondering, don't i get money from my house ? I refuse it. I chose to live this life of paying my own living expense.

I have an old relationship with money. once an astrologer looked at my kundli and called me 'Dhanlakshmi Bank'(prospective girls note this down).But after looking at the probability of being a millionaire , i was like, Thank you uncle!
however someday, u never know .u never know.


Bungi said...

Even if you were willing to sell yourself, would there be any buyers?! ;-P

Kl2ish said...

e-bay is an amazing marketing tool. i can sell a donkey there claiming its a derby winning stallion :p.

Bungi said...

Hmmm. You do have a point there.

Tifossi said...

dhanalakshmi bank eh.. lol dese astrologers..