Monday, November 24, 2008

Chapter 7

Its been almost 2 months here now. I have been thinking, what do i miss the most ? then it struck me.

my mom? i talk to her every second day ( i do miss her of course)

my dogs? i see them every quite often, but i do miss them a lot.

my prospective fiancee? i talk to her on the weekends.(i don't have a girlfriend)

and then it struck me.
My friends! srinivas and srikanth. they do deserve a mention on this blog after all they made me hate blogging after forcing me to read their painful blogs.

One used to write about how much he hated life and one wrote shit anyways. Both were acting like little goth kids frustrated in life then (now its my turn).

But these guys are more than friends. they were like brothers.I miss gaining attention from these guys ( i was just told by a certain someone that I should earn attention and not gain attention) (i am an attention seeking a****** i guess). that's what i miss them the most for.

Back in India we did crazy stuff . we used to go out on car drives(called ROAM) every night and shout crazy stuff randomly at people ( we were quite a menace). we used to make the car shake in a very erotic way, in a silent traffic signal giving wrong notions to passerby and other drivers. Once at a signal , we got out of the car, did tribal dance encircling the car thrice, sat back and then drove off, much to the shock of people around.

The last thing we did was stage a mock kidnap with a known friend ( he is one of my fav too but he doesnt deserve a mention as he doesnt call me up even though he is in USA). It was hilarious and those were days i miss the most.

Those were days, and i have no words to say how much i miss those guys. however these a****** hardly called me up.

All this while, i started befriending this weird girl from Chandigarh. she used to make me say the word 'Punjabi' like 100 times till i stressed on the 'bhi' of Punjabi. And then it happened , she introduced me to one of her friend, a sardar. as soon as i saw him, i saw the srini in him. I knew i found my 'Boston' srini. Now i pretty much hang out with this guy and the weird girl ( i don't find her weird anymore , either i am used to it or weirdness understands weirdness.

there are 3 things srini likes to do:-

throw attitude.


try hitting on girls.

( i would abet him in all these crimes and srikanth was forced into this by us )

Now i am in hunt for the boston srikanth. I recently made an advertisement ,as he has always been my favorite ( sorry srini, reality bites (kidding :P(ill tell u real reality over the phone))), and was ready to put it out on the Internet.

Wanted a short hispanic ( and only we can call him that for his color (i am not a racist)) who likes to sleep at odd hours or every hour, doesn't mind to click photos of himself in weird positions all day long and loves to throw attitude online.

The search is still on.

PS: i still have strictly brotherly platonic love for these guys. Miss you f***faces.

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Beryl said...

did tribal dance ???

Awesome..God the expressions of the faces of the ppl watching u guys ..priceless..wish someone had captured that