Friday, November 28, 2008

Chapter 8 (2+6 november)

Today I would like to drift away from my life and speak about certain happenings in my city back in India. Yes I come from mumbai and I was quite shocked to hear that terrorism has now taken such a new face.Since the last few years , we have heard of serials blasts but this act of terrorism would really make us think. What next? How worse would it get from here ?

I am a humanitarian but I havent reached that stage in life where I can help another human by monetory funds. This does not mean If I would find a group of men trying to hurt someone , I wouldnt jump in to save. But i guess I would do something, hopefully I never come in such a situation.
Getting back to the topic, I would not get into the normal act of getting into blame games of cops ,politicians,a certain nation etc. I am sure there are a million other doing it, but I have certain important observations which I would love to share.

I would like to start off by saying I was shocked to see the pics of the terrorist showed on the news channel. One of then looked like a kid who hasnt even hit puberty. These guys actually had the balls to fight off our NSG for more than 2 days. This just brings a couple of question in mind.
Are these kids being trained from birth to do this ? How are these kids being whitewashed to actually give away their life at such a young age ? what is being said that they really dont care about their life anymore ? I came to think of it as these guys are fearless. Now who are fearless? Those people who do not fear anything in their life. Thats a big training on its own. Once you do not fear your life , you could actually do anything! Just imagine if this training was used for a more productive use than a destructive like this.

I would like to speak few words about Late Major Unnikrishnan.He was a south indian from the bihar regiment who sacrificed his life ,ironically in maharashtra. A state which long time back had anti south slogan and recent anti-bihari,up slogans. I am surprised he wasnt stopped from entering TAJ as he was from the bihari regiment? why did they not throw stones at the NSGs or hit them from being from bihar now ? In a way it speaks that during crisis, we are united, which am glad but then If i was a certain someone, I would be ashamed that a GUY FROM A BIHARI REGIMENT FROM THE SOUTH FOUGHT BRAVELY AND GAVE HIS LIFE FOR MAHARASHTARA. I have nothing against mahrashtra, i am an adopted maharashtrian in a way because i am born and brought up here, but I am glad i do not think that way .But if Major unnikrishnan thought like the certain sect of people in mumbai, he would have been nicely enjoying life back home. It would have been much better as today we mourne the loss of a a great man who gave up his life fighting for his whole team ( wonder how many marathi manoos were in that team ) ,rather he gave his life for INDIA for the greater good. If only I was 10 % as brave and courageous as him and if and only if more mothers produced brave men like him, we would be a much better black. Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, I salute you and today for the first time in my life i am glad to be having a part of your name sir. May his soul rest in peace and hope his family come through such a time ( i am usually not emotional , but while writing this I feel like crying out aloud).

We lost many other top cops like Mr Hemant Karkare. Its a sad day when you lose 2-3 top cops (non-corrupt). What saddens me is that now the Malegaon case would go to the thrash again and a year from now, nobody would be punished for lifes lost there.What saddens me further is that we lost another honest man.

Now there have been more things troubling me. I heard rumours that foreign nationals were given more preferance than the locals. In a way its shows real good hospitality but when did death become racist ?When you are rescuing, I thought you should rescue the needy and not the colorless or colorful. I am just suprised that this can exist only in a country like India.

The media should be ashamed of themselves for creating certain rumours and worse off showing of the operation and informing about the motive of the military during its operation , helping the terrorists in way. I do agree we need news, I personally would love to hear about the military operation but that does not mean that we give up our secrets ! They nicely covered commandoes taking position on the nariman tower. Clap clap good job guys, you just made them aware of where they would be attacked from. So much for the element of surprise. I was watching IBN online and i saw that the show anchors had made contact with a foreigner trapped in TAJ. During his interview I was shocked when the Anchor went like ,' So bruce any wishes or ( i am sure he tried hard to stop himself say last wishes)'. How de-moralizing is this ? That guy actually makes an effort to call you up and then you say any last wishes ? HAHAHA. So much for morale encouragement. I am truly dissapointed with the media , but thats not new i guess.

I heard interesting comments on facebook such as send the politicians inside to fight the terrorist. Haha, and do what increase the casualty list ?Rather spend the attention of ambulance and firefighters trying to save the needy than the fancy. Rather spend resources trying to flush militants out rather than on protecting the politicians who would go inside fighting. Insane comments.

I guess I would like to talk a lot more, but I would like to end saying that this is not exactly a shock. I would not end saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH or WE WONT BE RESILIENT NO MORE or POLITICIANS STAY AWAY. We never really picked up from the blasts 2 years ago. what i am hinting on is when we know where all the leads are from, we are still in peace talks with that country. I am absolutely disgusted with the stand. If this happened to USA, would they be like,' hey I am sure they just made a mistake, lets get into peace talk with them?' I am sorry but they do not do that , they invaded 2 different countries and now very few have the balls to stand up against USA.
In a nutshell we have an old saying, one oil stain can dirty the whole water, in this case we know where the OIL BARREL is and something should be done to make sure we dont get stained again. What do we do? if you ask me today I would be like burn the bloody OIL BARREL down but I guess thats not the solution, but a solution has to be created as we do not have many unnikrishnans and karkare to give their life everytime someone tries to stain us.



Kl2ish said...

I am sorry to mention out on some unsung heroes that is the staff in oberoi and taj who lost their lives while trying to save other lives. But i guess they would not get media coverage as they are just ordinary people. Anyways glad to see late major unnikrishnan and many other ordinary people made it.

The Clairvoyant said...

hey .. maybe its time for us to consider some intelligence issues.. i mean ... (i dunno how much of this is true) there were intelligence reports abt terrorists being trained in marine stuff.. the mumbai police had submitted a report to the centre abt some increased activity along the coastline... i dunno why nothing was done abt that ..

and good point abt the media.. guess i never looked at it that way

Viv R said...

Awesome... Perfectly written, the press, raj thackeray, terrorists... all brilliantly decimated in your blog..

krufa said...

Awesome kicchu..proud of u :)
gr88 observations cz dey reallly comin out frm within U.Moreover all of them are really true and debates required!Had never thot dat u hv dis side to U!

The only positive side of these attacks hopefully is dat it will further strengthen my unshakable Mumbai. Hearts out to the victims and their families and hats off to the martyrs.

Kl2ish said...

another thing that i forgot to mention is that we had to wait 8 hours before the NSG were flown in from delhi.
mumbai-delhi is just 2 hours by flight. and something amusing is that the financial capital neither has an army regiment( nearest is devlali, 3 hours away) or other terrorist combatting forces so as to be present incase of such emergencies within 2-3 hours.

The Illuminator said...

Great Kichu. I completely stand by your view point. The worst part is our politicians no matter how hard the try end up bickering with each other about irrelevant issues. Raj Thackrey will have to really come up with an explaination for the maharashtra-bihar-karnataka nexus which you mentioned. I was over-whelmed with the scale of this tragedy. I don't know how it was our there in the US, but you know in contrast to how we usually react to bombings in the city, this time it was different. Mumbai let its fear show. People were freaking out when you kickstart a bike or when your phone rings. Thanks to our incredibly unverified reporting, we also managed to panic when a news channel reported firing re-appearing on multiple locations in Mumbai. I was scared too. I am glad it is over, but I am sad it happened in the first place. Isn't this massacre big enough for our government to wake up to the fact that we are so vulnerable to the whims of 20-yr-old terrorists?!

Beryl said...

So many ppl died in the Mumbai terrorist attacks. Very sad day.

We dont have any spirit left and its true. The feeling of numbness and resignation has always been misunderstood as mumbai's resilient spirit.

Mumbaikars are simply fed up of being treated this way :(

Absolutely Normal Chaos said...

@ Beryl - This isn't about Mumbai. This is about the whole country.

@ Krish - I'm so sick of this mess, part of me is glad I'm not in India. I feel like I'll burst if I see anymore of this.

Kl2ish said...

truly its a sad day. what made it worse is the response the Patils gave. I was completely disheartened. I am currently in USA and i look at Obama make his speeches and then I hear speeches from Patils. It makes me wonder, has the government gone to the dogs again ? with all due respect , they might be good administrators. But it takes more than that , when its a democractic government ,you need more of communication with the people rather than such disrespectful comments. In todays world, communication is very much important as you even change an adjective and it can be a sensitive issue in this already cold war-ed era.At times , media can blow it out of proportion but i saw it online and I was in disbelief.
An example was, just after 3 hours of attack when the CM was asked,what are you doing with the army and the response he gave amused me. He said 'they are in alert'.

Mumbai bounces back everytime not due to the 'spirit' issue but due to compulsion. Given a choice we could sit scared shitting out pants but at the same time , I might lose my job in this over competitive city.
Hope all is fine with your family and friends.